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Photos: Charles V Takes A Trek

Caught this late-season Monarch caterpillar as he wandered along our retaining wall,  into the brush, making his pilgrimage to his final transformation…Of course Sian named him “Charles”.

SDAT_120614-30For reasons no one really knows, Monarch caterpillars often travel fairly vast distances away from the milkweed to pupate. Charles here was about 10 feet from the milkweed plant he had been feeding and living on.

SDAT_120614-37Late season Monarch caterpillars are often darker than their summer kin. The increased width of the black bands allows them to absorb more heat as days get colder and shorter.

SDAT_120614-70This Charles survived last week’s storm and dips into the 40’s, but  his journey is just getting started. Later, Charles.


From the series, “Genesis”, copyright: Sebastio Salgado/Amazona Images

Earlier this week, I spent two hours in mid-town Manhattan, wandering Sebastio Salgado’s moving and inspiring, GENESIS EXHIBITION at the ICP. Salgado, if you don’t know him, is a renowned documentary photographer who left the hallowed roster at Magnum Photos in 1994 to hang his own shingle, alongside his wife, Lélia Wanick Salgado, at Amazonas Images in France. GENESIS is the third in a series of major, multi year projects Salgado has produced, starting with WORKERS in 1993. Prior to now, Salgado’s work has largely focused on the lives and working conditions of people in 3rd world countries. Continue reading SEBASTIO SALGADO- “GENESIS” PHOTO EXHIBITION – A POWERFUL AND URGENT CALL TO ACTION