Charles and Charles Leave Home…


Charles and Charles flew the nest today. Both Monarchs hatched this morning, between 7 am and 10 am. We let them take a few hours to fill out their wings before releasing them. Needless to say, a pretty cool thing to watch them fly off. Aniko, in true Aniko form, expressed her delight by nearly pinching them to death, but Sian successfully intervened, and no butterflies were handicapped in the making of this post.


So, that’s a total of three Monarch’s returned to the migration. We hope. It’s a tough journey for those critters under the best of circumstances, and these days, circumstances aren’t their best. Don’t forget, next year, plant milkweed and raise Monarch’s.  Keep the flowers flowering and the fruit fruity.


6 thoughts on “Charles and Charles Leave Home…”

    1. Well, Lajos, I think if you asked the Charles’s, they’d take their chances with the 8 month old. So far, Niko’s got a 0 percent success rate, but the mantises ended their season with a solid 50% take.

  1. You must come to Ellwood, here in SB, and see the migration enmasse this winter of you have not done so already. It’s a beautiful hike and starling sight.

  2. David…… do you remember the field behind our house that was part of the Mahadeen estate? It was loaded with milkweed! I will most likely witness the tail-end of the monarch migration here in NJ next weekend when we visit Cape May. They will cross the Delaware Bay there on the way south. Also a great time and spot to witness the annual hawk migration! The place will be loaded with Jane Hathaway’s.

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